Wandering Wednesdays {14 September 2011}

Wandering Wednesdays are a time when – through photography! – I explore the goings and comings of my past, present, or future life. 

It’s the Marine’s __th birthday. As I posted on Facebook: Because my life would be a joke without a punch line, a canvas without paint, and a violin without a masterpiece, I am eternally grateful that several years ago today the Creator gave my husband to this world. I love you forever, Cowboy. In honor of this momentous occasion, a picture:

That’s our wedding day. Now, it wasn’t much of a wedding, as far as traditional long dresses, tuxes, and crowds go.  But, it was the day we committed to “for better or worse”, to growing older together, to weathering life’s changes as partners, and to celebrating each others’ moments together. That’s a day I’ll never forget.  (And the fact that we only spent $200 for the entire day made it much less stressful!)

Here’s to the next many years of learning how to partner with one another, watching our children grow up and move on, and kissing each other good morning as often as we are able. You will forever be my inspiration to become a better person. (Yes, that’s Red Lobster. It was good food, good wine, and a good set of friends beside us.)

Just in case you wanted to, but couldn’t catch a glimpse of the ring, there it is. And yes – even that was within our $200 expenses for the day. Auctions are awesome! And, we rock!

ilu, Gorgeous. You and none other. Forever. Amazing.



Wandering Wednesdays {31 August 2011}

We weathered some crazy natural events last week & weekend.  It was nowhere near as great as it could have been. And when it was all over, we went for a walk on the beach.  Because that is exactly where I needed to be.

As we walked down the boardwalk, I looked towards the waves and noticed a couple standing not 10 feet out of the surf, arguing.  Arms were flailing, voices were raised, tears were pouring down. I said out loud (though not intentionally): “This is no place to argue, folks.”

Mr. Marine asked how I knew that they were really arguing. “Because,” I said, “I’ve been there.”

Arguing. About everything. Never finding peace. No, not even for a moment. Standing next to one of the most massive masterpieces the Creator put within our reach and still not accepting that there is something bigger than whatever it was we were tied up in at that moment. Wanting, with all certainty, peace and contentment and feeling as if there were so many obstacles between myself and that beautiful road that I would never find it.

As we walked on, I watched the waves crash, the sun rise, the birds fly, the dolphins swim, the little girl laugh at the breeze through her hair… and I grasped Mr. Marine’s hand more tightly. Because I have been so low, I can know the great heights, and to a Creator who knew that’s exactly what it would take for me, I am eternally grateful.

Wandering Wednesdays {10 August 2011}

Wandering Wednesdays are a time when – through photography! – I explore the goings and comings of my past, present, or future life. 

This is just a normal weeknight at our house. Nothing planned or exciting or monumentally memorable. Just the Marine and the kid, hanging out.

water break - and yes, she always wants to be just like Daddy

apparently so much so, that she has to drink his water instead of her own

but, if he helps her, she'll take that, too

I have no idea what this was about, but literally 2 minutes later, she had him laughing so hard he was crying

and then she settled in for a snuggle and some cartoons before bedtime

I dare you: look into those eyes and not be aware of what a truly loving and caring man The Creator blessed me with

I told you there was nothing monumental in this post. But sometimes, the very smallest parts of life are the parts we have to hang on to and treasure and remember for always because they vanish so quickly. Make sure you snuggle with yours tonight! (And, as the Marine would say: DRINK WATER.)

Wandering Wednesdays {3 August 2011}


Wandering Wednesdays are a time when – through photography! – I explore the goings and comings of my past, present, or future life. 

This photo was taken shortly after arriving home from our last visit north. We were back to just the three of us, relaxing at home, and Rhyan was completely content to snuggle up under my arm while I read through a few emails, exclaimining “So Cute!” every once in a while. (taken by the Marine)

One of the most frustrating things about the place we currently live in is the LIGHT! After the sun passes to the backside of our town house around 1 in the afternoon, the living room is DARK, which is great for cooling it off in 100*+ temps, but not so great for photography. I switched the ISO way up and then still had to use flash, but just last night I got a great moment of Rhyan just taking life in, while at rest.