{before we begin our journey together}

First and foremost, my ability to keep up on this blog, to write instead of preparing to go to work, and playing with my children instead of hobnobbing with big whigs, is all because of the amazing Marine I am blessed to be married to.  He literally has given me air to breathe and love to heal, holds my hand when I am not strong enough, and is the first to dance an Irish jig when joy is overflowing. You’ll hear more about him as we continue on this journey together, but I really thought you should know up front – I am the proud wife of a true American Hero, whom I hold in my arms as often as possible.

This blog is my journey in writing. I have a constant need to WRITE and a blog gives me an audience, thus this site.  If it helps me heal, if it helps you know you’re not alone, if we both can just process a few precious moments together … that’s what these ramblings are about!

A little about me….

Marine Wife

Admitting to anyone that cares (or doesn’t) that I am a Marine Wife is one of the greatest points of pride in my life. I sleep in the arms of a true amazing hero every night. Except when I don’t, because sometimes I can’t, while he protects the values and traditions of this great country.  My husband has served an astonishing eight combat deployments in his 12 year career. He was forced to take a break from that deployment schedule in August 2009, when we were re-stationed in Virginia Beach.  That date began a 3-year non-deployable B Billet (secondary job) for him. Three years! NON-DEPLOYABLE! (This is me throwing a party.) Though I cherish every moment I have him at home, giving him up for 6-8 months at a time is a small price to pay to know the love and affection of a man who literally puts his all on the line so that others don’t have to.

Non-Custodial Mother

I am a mother to four (almost five!) amazing children, each in his/her own right.  But my oldest three hold a special place in my heart and possibly even more so because I can not always hold them in my arms.  They spend at least 46 weeks a year with their father in Michigan – and sometimes more than that because visitations sometimes just don’t work out (see that “Marine Wife” role I play in life to understand why). Being the non-custodial parent doesn’t mean a dead beat, that I don’t care about my children, nor that my life is “easier” without the responsibilities of raising them. In fact, it means exactly the opposite, as you’ll often see in my writings.

Den Mother

Before my husband asked me to marry him, he asked me to be a den mother.  I could never have understood then, when I responded so simply, “Of course”, what exactly that meant.  It means taking 3 am wake-up calls because someone needs his attention quickly, which has me instantly out of bed, helping him get his things ready to walk out the door. It means cooking often for more than just us, hosting UFC Fight Nights as often as they’re televised, and praying, thinking, and worrying constantly about all of the men who have served and are serving with my husband, because they become very much a part of our family. These men are also true heroes and I am honored to have such a place in their lives.

Writer Extraordinaire

Okay, not really. But I do have an amazing passion for getting my thoughts and feelings out on paper (or screen) and persuading other people to see my thoughts for at least one moment as something to consider.  When I was growing up, my parents considered me to have a strong and stubborn control freak streak.  As I’ve gotten older (thankfully) I have learned that my ways are not always (nor even sometimes) completely right. However, I have learned the beauty of being able to share the world from a different path and watching it touch the lives of a handful of people.

Paper Crafter

Really, I don’t even know what to call myself here.  I work with paper. A LOT. My hands are permanently scarred with paper cuts and it’s not pretty.  My house is almost always in a constant state of chaos, a side effect of my creating.  Very often I will find my favorite pair of scissors in the bathroom, my necessary adhesive sitting on top of my dresser, or even my ink pad somewhere near the dishwasher.  Really – it’s chaos. But, my creating always takes me on a journey, whether it’s for me or my client.  Just ask my friend Sharon, whose 2009 Christmas cards took me on my own healing journey.

Anything else that comes up…

I love to read. I absolutely must stop and stare every time I see orchids. Eagles mean more to me than I could ever express to you, as do the times 7:11 and 19:11 of every single day. I have a strange affection for solving algebraic problems. I like to play Guitar Hero (though I truly stink at it), love to decorate my home, enjoy cooking, and meeting new people is always a great joy.  I’ll drop whatever I’m doing to host a gathering (pardon me while I clean up the aforementioned chaos), run to Target at the smallest craving for Swiss Cake Rolls, barbecue potato chips, and squirt cheese (yes, all together), and thoroughly enjoy a shot of Jack Daniels with anyone who will put me up to it. (Except while I’m pregnant, because I can’t and I won’t. But, JUST WAIT!)

Thank you for letting me share my life journey with you. It is an absolute privilege and honor.


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