Wandering Wednesdays {14 September 2011}

Wandering Wednesdays are a time when – through photography! – I explore the goings and comings of my past, present, or future life. 

It’s the Marine’s __th birthday. As I posted on Facebook: Because my life would be a joke without a punch line, a canvas without paint, and a violin without a masterpiece, I am eternally grateful that several years ago today the Creator gave my husband to this world. I love you forever, Cowboy. In honor of this momentous occasion, a picture:

That’s our wedding day. Now, it wasn’t much of a wedding, as far as traditional long dresses, tuxes, and crowds go.  But, it was the day we committed to “for better or worse”, to growing older together, to weathering life’s changes as partners, and to celebrating each others’ moments together. That’s a day I’ll never forget.  (And the fact that we only spent $200 for the entire day made it much less stressful!)

Here’s to the next many years of learning how to partner with one another, watching our children grow up and move on, and kissing each other good morning as often as we are able. You will forever be my inspiration to become a better person. (Yes, that’s Red Lobster. It was good food, good wine, and a good set of friends beside us.)

Just in case you wanted to, but couldn’t catch a glimpse of the ring, there it is. And yes – even that was within our $200 expenses for the day. Auctions are awesome! And, we rock!

ilu, Gorgeous. You and none other. Forever. Amazing.



One thought on “Wandering Wednesdays {14 September 2011}

  1. You are always so good with words. Happy Birthday Chris and a long and happy, healthy life to both of you and your children. Love you all.

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