Murphy Mondays {12 September 2011}

Murphy Mondays is my chance to catch y’all up on what’s been going on in our lives here.  When I was a kid, separated by many miles from our closest friends and family, my dad wrote a “Monday morning email” to tell everyone what we were all up to.  This is that very thing, only a bit more technology is thrown into the mix with blogging 🙂

I truly don’t have much to write about, but I didn’t want you to think I had forgotten this little Monday. The man is working insane hours. He comes home exhausted and basically ready for bed, and sometimes he stops at the table to eat first. That’s basically that.

The little one and I are having fun with our Homeschooling adventure! You can read about her first week here!

After spending way too many hours at the hospital on Thursday, I must do it again today.  While I could ask you to cross your fingers and say some prayers that all will go well, it looks like the writing is on the wall: baby and I are arguing about how to keep mommy’s blood sugar and blood pressure low. I am thankful every day I get through that he has baked a bit longer.  Stress of the past week definitely did a number on me and we were experiencing full-fledge contractions there for a bit! Prayerfully, we can hold off a few more weeks on that one again!

The weekend was fairly relaxing in our little home. I experienced this one very amazing special moment that I photographed and thought you might enjoy seeing and hearing about.

This is the Marine, for the first time ever, watching the 9/11 Memorial Ceremonies. Why? Because he’s been working or deployed almost every other year – except last year, during which he was attending a race. He snuggled up with his baby girl in his arms and watched the duration. He was surprised at how long it all was and Rhyan was a bit taken back by the sounds of the bell’s toll. We sat together in utter silence during each moment of silence. Tears streamed down my face, and his expression was unchanged. This is a man of great determination, integrity, commitment, courage, and honor. Not unlike the heroes of that horrible day, he too runs in when others would run out. I felt a breath of fresh air reminding me again of how truly amazing my life with this Marine is, and for that moment, I am forever grateful.

Until next week …


2 thoughts on “Murphy Mondays {12 September 2011}

  1. This Murphy Monday brought tears to my eyes…the photograph is absolutely touching in it self, but add the part about what they were watching….wow….it was a bit much!!
    Jack and I and the “kids” attended a gathering that the VA put on here at the Fairgrounds and it was really nice. It’s always so emotional for Jack when people come up and thank him for his service, and welcome him home! There was give aways, free food, music, and even some clothing for the vets and their families….real nice.

  2. Wow. Breathless and teary eyed yet again, Megan. I love your family so much and I’ve never met them. That picture is AWESOME! Thank God for your Marine and each and every member of our armed forces. Thank God you have him home with you this year…even if it is late when he gets there these days. You remind me to be thankful for every moment I have with my family…and to pray for all who sacrifice for our freedom.

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