Coffee Table turns Ottoman

As I wrote yesterday, Mr. Marine had a very long weekend at home.  Now, that doesn’t happen very often … but, when it does, it almost always means some sort of big project will be tackled.  And – those projects are usually always his idea.  So, he’s the brilliant mastermind behind, “Hey! We could turn our coffee table into an ottoman!!” It’s ALL his fault.

This was our coffee table:

Forgive it’s sad state. It has served it’s purpose well, serving many Marines through the past 4 years. But, it needed to be repurposed and retired from it’s previous job of serving beer and food to hungry and thirsty Marines on fight nights. Mostly because we were tired of looking at it in it’s sad state. Not that I mind distressed furniture – most of ours is – but the top of this piece was becoming a bit TOO distressed.

However… said table was MUCH too tall already. We’re the kind of family that puts our feet up on the coffee table. It’s MY house – I’M the mom – I make the rules now! But, the table was too tall to do so comfortably before its transition, so we knew it would have to be cut down.  So, Mr. Marine went to work.

With a tiny little handsaw. On my living room floor. Which left lots of sawdust.

But, he did it. On all 4 legs. Which is rather impressive to me. But, apparently it’s just all in a day’s work for a Marine. (On weekend liberty. Forgive his unshaven look!)

See! ALL FOUR LEGS. That’s a lot of work!!

Uhm. I swear. There were four legs. Anyway – there’s 3 of them.

We bought 3 different pieces of 2″ thick high density foam for this project because … well, because it was the cheapest way to purchase VERY expensive foam. So, it required some cutting down. Which one apparently can accomplish with a bread knife. Never knew, did ya?!

See, I DID do something other than take pictures for this project! I cut the batting to cover the foam. Hey, it was HIS idea to do it, so he had to be taught a lesson. Or, my belly is getting way too big to move around very easily. Yikes.

I think this is the, “What the heck are you doing with that camera again?!” face. Actually, this is the part where I helped, because it really required two sets of hands.  The fabric and batting had to be wrapped around the foam and the table to be stapled on the underside. For a 36″ square table, we bought a 45″ square piece of fabric. Let’s just say that if you don’t like cutting it close, you might want to buy more fabric than that for your own project. I was a bit stressed out.

And because Mr. Marine is overly careful about everything he does, he then hammered the staples to make sure they were in there good.

Okay, this is not an impressive picture. But here’s what it proves – one CAN saw four legs off with a handsaw in a living room in the middle of the city, then remove the metal thing-a-ma-bobbers that were in the legs previously to allow the large screws to tighten into, then drill new holes into the new shortened legs for metal thing-a-ma-bobbers, and then in the end … it DOES all fit together! I can’t even tell you how delighted we were that the legs didn’t split, that it all fit together SO snugly, and that no humans were harmed in the production of this ottoman. WHEW!

This is the finished project! I know most ottomans have those great little button thing-a-ma-bobbers (really, can you tell that I’m not overly technical-minded?) that make it look more “finished”, but we decided to skip that part. We’re going to purchase a couple of serving trays to use on the ottoman, so we can still have drinks and/or food when we want, and figured the buttons might get in the way of that.

What a fun project! I’m off to figure out what we might do with our next long weekend off!

P.S. Please forgive the fact that I’m not a professional photographer. I was really more worried about the project than the actual pictures of the project. Thank you kindly.


5 thoughts on “Coffee Table turns Ottoman

  1. You two work so well together!! Really nice project. I like it!! Maybe you can go into the business!! Jack and I could NEVER, and I repeat NEVER build something like that together….oh he has NO patience. The hammers and screws start flying within the first 10 minutes. LOL!!! I always go, when he asks for my help, but the minute things start flying…including some words I’d rather not hear….I’m done. I tell him to call me when he calms down!! LOL!!

    • LOL – Linda, the man learned from day one with me that I work well as a team, but stop functioning altogether if a voice is raised or any type of anger/frustration is displayed at all. (That comes from too many years of abuse and my learned behavior of retreating.) I am proud to say that we actually enjoy working together on a project like this!

  2. Looks awesome Megan! I just bought a piece of leather and am planning on doing something similar to my headboard on my bed….although mine is more of the lazy version haha. No sawing required. Just covering.

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