Thankful Thursdays {Gratitude:4}

Thankful Thursdays are a rare moment during which the only thing I focus on are my points of blessings – of things I never even knew I wanted but received from the Creator anyway, in answer to my heart’s cry. And, more importantly, of things that are often times forgotten as I focus on what’s missing instead of what’s present. Not today.

I am ridiculously grateful this week that we don’t feel earthquakes every day on the East Coast, and that when a few did suddenly decide to come pay us a visit, there was no major destruction left from it. Just sea-sickness.

I am also quite thankful for family and friends who care *so* much about us that they get worried with Hurricane Irene knocking on our door step.  We are good, folks! The pulled pork is in the crock pot, the bath tub will be filled up tomorrow, we have cell phones for communication, Rhyan has several coloring sheets ready to go, all of our my meds are stocked up, we have some cash in hand, and (most importantly!) we have …

…our hurricane survival kit!

Oh, I LOVE my life!

And now, on to dancing the day away….

(If you would like to join me on this journey, I’d love to provide a link to your gratitude project on my blog, so let me know! I’m sure we all have a lot to teach each other about thankfulness!.)


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