Operation Jack’s Wish: Vietnam Vets’ Dreams Come True

Our dreams are so different, person to person. The Creator did an amazing thing when He created us each uniquely. The following shows a dream come true for three American heroes. I was allowed to be a “part” of this journey by capturing it in a digital scrapbook, through which I was amazingly touched. Thank you, men, for your sacrifices, for sharing your emotional pictures so openly with me, and for reminding me of the blessings we receive while my Marine serves in this era, much unlike your time of service.

Title Page

The Introduction of Operation: Jack’s Wish – a letter from my husband to an amazing military supporter, Christina. From this letter came an outpouring of love and support.  The monies came from people who have never known Jack nor his friends, but took a stand and spoke for a country full of gratitude for their sacrifice and service in the Vietnam Era.

The Drive and Comraderie


Iwo Jima Memorial at the Marine Corps Barracks in Washington DC, along with a performance by the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team

Arlington National Cemetery and the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns. I have never visited – not yet! – but the picture in this first page had me in tears, seeing the magnitude of sacrifice in such a pictorial display.

Korean War Veterans Memorial

I am blessed to spend most of my life surrounded by Marines, so I know this statement by Ronald Reagan to be so amazingly true. And, it never fails – Marines WILL make friends with random people EVERYWHERE they go. (Then again, so will Marine Wives.)

The following two pages are the photos I put together last. I simply could not stop crying. These men entered the states following the “Vietnam Conflict” (because we’re stupid enough to not give them credit for participating in a war), being spit on, ridiculed, criticized. To see the emotions on their faces as they experienced such reminders of not only their sacrifices, but of those that were lost in battle … I struggled.

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument

Marine Corps Museum, Quantico, Virginia


One thought on “Operation Jack’s Wish: Vietnam Vets’ Dreams Come True

  1. Megan, you need to take several days and go see the sights in D.C. When you go to Arlington you will come back a humble person. I have been twice and would love to go again. I traced men I knew from school names on the Viet Nam Memorial. Never think that our military no matter what unit they come from, Army, Navy Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard. They all stay in harms way no matter what side of the Ocean they are on.. I give thanks to God for their dedication. Also to all their mates, whether female or male that walks along beside them.

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