I’d Like To Teach The World to Sing

I’d like to teach the world to sing

In perfect harmony

I’d like to hold it in my arms

And keep it company

Oh, I am so so sad. I just Googled (when did using that term as a verb become grammatically acceptable?!) enough to find out that those words came – originally – from a Coke jingle! NO! I mean, I KNEW it was used for the purposes of advertising Coca Cola, but that it was originally written as such? *sigh*

Ahem. That wasn’t at all what I meant to start out writing.

I’ve often said that if I can share my life experiences with someone else so that they either not have to go through the same thing at all, or can at least feel less alone as they do walk down the same path, then I’m glad to share. In fact, I feel it might even be my calling to do so in life. Recently I was having this very discussion with a couple of good friends …

…at separate times…

…in separate states…

…via telephone/instant messenger…

(lest you become concerned that I have managed two good friends in one town and have not shared said good fortune with you, my readers)

…and it was mentioned during both conversations that perhaps my blog would be a good place to follow that “calling”.

So, this is your chance! I’d love to hear from you about what you’d like me to write about. My life is an open book, and just because I haven’t shared it yet doesn’t mean that I can’t or won’t. If you’d rather not publicly comment on my blog or Facebook, feel free to email me instead! I look forward to hearing from all of you!



One thought on “I’d Like To Teach The World to Sing

  1. Ohhh! MEMEME! I want you to write about long distance friendships in the military lifestyle. And, I have some other stuff, but I need to sit down and make a list. More to come…

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