Family Fridays {19 August 2011}

Family Fridays give me an opportunity to share about family – that’s including friends who make up our family! – and moments that have impacted my life.

A VERY happy birthday to my beautiful baby sister, Erin! I won’t say exactly how old she is, but she just kissed her 20s goodbye!

That’s Erin and I, in Oklahoma, in November of 2006. And yes, I’m fairly certain it’s the last picture we have of just the two of us. Or, at least, it’s all I could find currently.

Erin is … the beautiful one. The baby. The one with emotions so sensitive you couldn’t look at her wrong when she was three.  She’s the mother of two handsome boys and a great partner to her husband. She’s creative – she can create absolutely anything she sets her mind to. She’s musical beyond none other – you know, the kind we  non-singers are jealous of for most of our lives? Yeah, Erin opens up her mouth and out flows amazingness. (I don’t care, Dear Editor, that amazingness doesn’t show up in your dictionary. I want to use it anyway.)

My dearest baby sister, know that you are loved, more than words can say – and that’s impressive, because we both know how verbose I can be. You are admired, not just for the things you do, but for the person you are. When you “show up” in a situation, I know that I’ve got one of the greatest cheerleaders around, and my worries tend to ease. I am absolutely INSPIRED by living life out with you, and can’t wait for every single second of every second day for the next 30 years.

In the words of that song I always tried to sing with you, and could never remember my first line, I’m grateful for the love that brings us together as friends, our whole life through.

Lobre you, today and for always –


One thought on “Family Fridays {19 August 2011}

  1. I feel the same way about my brothers, but would never be able to say it the way you have!! I’m gonna have to look up this song….sounds like a good one.
    Happy Birthday Erin.

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