Tremendous Tuesdays {16 August 2011}

Tremendous Tuesdays are my chance to share the things that are MOVING me this week – serious or ridiculous in your eyes, these things are giving me goosebumps.

Things that are giving me goosebumps this week:

Very few quiet moments exist in which I am suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of arms wrapped around me, giving me peace and strength at one time. This morning, I felt one of them. It is a blessing I could never recreate on my own, and so I am thankful that the Creator came to me at a moment in which I least expected it.

My house is amazingly organized, thanks to Throw Out Fifty Things. More importantly, my state of mind is phenomenal. It’s amazing how much my STUFF – physical and mental! – can drag me down, even if I don’t realize what’s happening to me.

I had the opportunity to truly help someone this past weekend, and it was a blessing to me to be able to do so. I love it when things like that get thrown in my path!


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