Murphy Mondays {15 August 2011}

Murphy Mondays is my chance to catch y’all up on what’s been going on in our lives here.  When I was a kid, separated by many miles from our closest friends and family, my dad wrote a “Monday morning email” to tell everyone what we were all up to.  This is that very thing, only a bit more technology is thrown into the mix with blogging 🙂

Well, our week wasn’t quite as relaxing as we had hoped with Chris’s “white space” at work. In fact, the week turned out to be just more of the same with his schedule. At this duty station, 12-16 hour days are not uncommon. Neither one of us minda the 0400 start times – it’s the days when he goes in that early and still doesn’t get home in time to kiss Rhyan before she drifts off to sleep that are wearing, and (unfortunately) frequent. Mind you – we’ll continue on without much complaint, because eventually I’ll be reminded in a very difficult manner that having him home at all was far better than thousands of miles and many dangers spread between us.

I tackled more of Throw Out Fifty Things this week, and am proud to say I am ALMOST done with this process – for the first time around, anyway! Rhyan’s room was one of the easiest rooms, but the most difficult room was what had been my craft room and is now becoming baby Colt’s room. Unfortunately, it still has to serve dual purposes until we move out of here and can manage some space that can be dedicated just to crafting, but I think (for the most part) it will function well in this dual purpose.  One of the greatest joys for me was organizing my stash of cloth diapers for both Rhyan and Colt! This week I will tackle the last room – the KITCHEN (*gasp*) – and then start back into a new project which I’m sure I will be blogging about!

I had one of the most awesome celebrations EVER for my birthday this past weekend! My amazingly beautiful best good friend Emily schemed all the way from Afghanistan and sent me a gift certificate for FOUR pregnancy massages at a local salon.  I had my first one Saturday morning and I can’t BELIEVE I get to have three more! I had another dear friend deliver Starbucks AND a Starbucks gift card! My amazing husband had my first ever! Edible Arrangements delivered to the door in the afternoon, and then swung home to take Rhyan and I out for dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack and then a walk on the beach with ice cream! (Yes, I broke the diet a bit with all of that yummy fruit and ice cream, but my levels were still excellent.) I had almost 150 Facebook well-wishers, as well as several phone calls, also! What a blessing I received on that day, to be assured of my value and blessing in others’ lives!

I’m excited for this week and the “To Do” list I have going! First up is the Kitchen project, then a digital scrapbook album that I will just HAVE to blog about (!), and also the start of a very personal project to me (which again, will be blogged, I’m sure). God is good and has restored my creative spirit, and I am excited to use it again.

Until next week …


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