Family Fridays {12 August 2011}

Family Fridays give me an opportunity to share about family – that including friends who make up our family! – and moments that have impacted my life.

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

So today, I think I’ll talk about myself. And share a few pictures. Because, it’s my birthday, so it’s all about me. (Or at least you can let me pretend that for a few moments!) I am 34 years old today, and will celebrate it with the Marine and The Kid, which is quite the blessing when I look forward to what next year will most likely hold. For three years in a row, the Marine has kissed me and wished me a happy birthday – and next year, that may not – most likely will not – happen. 

This is me, roughly 34 years old. Some day I’ll want to remember this goofy face.

A review of my 34th year of life follows.

This year, I …

…celebrated 4 years of marriage…

…to this amazing Marine.

I cherished MANY…


precious moments.

I prayed for the safe return of these two amazing soldiers, …

mourned the walking on of this amazing Marine, as well as the deaths of many other military members, and prayed constantly for ongoing safety.

I connected to a spiritual aspect of my life and began to finally understand – it’s not about my presence. It’s only about The Creator’s Hand.

There are many of you without whom I wouldn’t have gotten through the past year, and for you all I am extremely grateful. It has been no walk in the park, with many ups and downs, but it has been a year of strength and courage building, and that is more necessary than an amusement park any time. Thank you for celebrating life with me!


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