Wandering Wednesdays {10 August 2011}

Wandering Wednesdays are a time when – through photography! – I explore the goings and comings of my past, present, or future life. 

This is just a normal weeknight at our house. Nothing planned or exciting or monumentally memorable. Just the Marine and the kid, hanging out.

water break - and yes, she always wants to be just like Daddy

apparently so much so, that she has to drink his water instead of her own

but, if he helps her, she'll take that, too

I have no idea what this was about, but literally 2 minutes later, she had him laughing so hard he was crying

and then she settled in for a snuggle and some cartoons before bedtime

I dare you: look into those eyes and not be aware of what a truly loving and caring man The Creator blessed me with

I told you there was nothing monumental in this post. But sometimes, the very smallest parts of life are the parts we have to hang on to and treasure and remember for always because they vanish so quickly. Make sure you snuggle with yours tonight! (And, as the Marine would say: DRINK WATER.)


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