Tremendous Tuesdays {9 August 2011}

Tremendous Tuesdays are my chance to share the things that are MOVING me this week – serious or ridiculous in your eyes, these things are giving me goosebumps.

Things that are giving me goosebumps this week:

Receiving a completely unexpected phone call that reminds me that God is in control, even before we know how or what to ask for, and that I am good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!

Coffee in a quiet house before the sun has risen is truly inspirational and comforting.

Throwing things out(Fifty Things) has turned out to be more therapeutic than shopping ever was. Removing physical and mental items that do nothing more for me than make me look or feel heavy is exhausting, but rewarding.

Rhyan has learned how to say, “Semper Fi”, “I love you”, “I like ____”, and “Happy Birthday, Mommy”.  She’s a bit off on her timing, but here’s what that means to me: someone cared enough to know it would absolutely overwhelm me to hear my young child be selfless and wish ME a great celebration. That’s the first time ever my own child has wished me a happy birthday.


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