Murphy Mondays {8 August 2011}

Murphy Mondays is my chance to catch y’all up on what’s been going on in our lives here.  When I was a kid, separated by many miles from our closest friends and family, my dad wrote a “Monday morning email” to tell everyone what we were all up to.  This is that very thing, only a bit more technology is thrown into the mix with blogging 🙂

There is so little to tell after last week’s big adventure! This week was mostly full of the small insignificant moments that make up life, but don’t seem to mean anything while one is experiencing them.

Rhyan has begun to say two adorable phrases in her tiny voice: “Yes, dear?” (every time she is talked to by someone else) and “I like ____” (that blank is filled in by virtually everything she touches). Truly, it’s just about all I can do to keep from squealing with delight every time I hear one of these two things escape her mouth. We also have been attempting to teach her to say, “I love you” and “Semper Fi”. She just about has them down – but, as long as she gets the meanings in her lifetime, I’ll be eternally grateful.

We said “see you later” to one of the Marines this past week, as he gears up for a new endeavor in his life, the type that mostly involves, “If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you”. It’s always good to watch these guys go off to bigger and better things, especially when it’s a guy you fully believe in, but it’s sad to know our current duty station is a lesser place without his presence. And, quite frankly, we are holding on for the moment it’s OUR turn to leave here, so I get a bit jealous 😉

I had a doctor’s appointment this past week. Colt is doing well with a nice strong heartbeat and a happy kick or two for the nurse. The doctor is more than happy with my progress and even called in two of the specialists to listen to how we’re treating my gestational diabetes. Actually, in his words, “Listen to how we … uh, SHE is treating this. I’m not doing anything but watching her listen to her body.” Truly, he is doing a great job of encouraging me to stay on a path that is not always so easy. But, when I realize I’m 22 weeks pregnant, have been diabetic for 14 of those weeks now, and am not yet on insulin shots – a feat which has been impossible in my previous pregnancies, for even 2-3 weeks! – it is enough to make me dance a happy dance! Further, I have only gained 7 pounds in my entire pregnancy, about 8 pounds under what I “am allowed” to gain up until this point, and significantly less than I have ever gained before! It’s safe to say this is the best pregnancy – although, the most challenging – that I have tackled yet.

We are coming up on a good week. Or, so I hope! My birthday is Friday, Chloe’s is Saturday, Chris has “white space” all week at work (which hopefully means less working hours than the 14+ hour days he has seen recently), I am tackling “Throw Fifty Things Out”, and Rhyan is gearing up for … coloring. And more coloring. And possibly a walk on the beach or a sucker. Whatever makes 2.5 year olds completely content.

Until next week…


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