Family Fridays {5 August 2011}

Family Fridays give me an opportunity to share about family – that including friends who make up our family! – and moments that have impacted my life.

SSG Ergin V. Osman, 1975-2011

This might be the hardest way to start this portion of my blog, but it is the most obvious answer this week. Ergin’s 36th birthday was this week, but he wasn’t here to celebrate it. Instead, his two young sons celebrated the life of a hero who gave his life in service to our country.

Aidan and Zeren, with their Daddy’s things

You’ll notice that’s a Marine uniform in that picture, but that the rank I used to address him was Army.  Ergin served for many years alongside My Marine before he switched branches and continued his career in the Army. When our son is born later this fall, he will carry Ergin’s name, in honor of a true American hero who gave his life so that others didn’t have to.

I didn’t know “Oz” personally, as his buddies have taken to calling him, so I don’t have a lot to say today but I wanted to share these pictures and the small memorial I wrote for family/friends to read. Thanks, Ergin, for blessing my life – without even a personal word ever, you have changed me.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Ergin in person, as I married my husband just after Ergin had transferred to the Army. I have heard so many stories about Chris, Ergin, and Hollingsworth serving – and having fun – together. I will forever be thankful that Ergin took Chris into his home after he came home from a deployment to divorce papers, and helped keep Chris from making too big of an idiot of himself in that “healing period”.

What I know for sure is this: After 14 years in the Marine Corps, my husband has served alongside thousands of men. Some of those men become a part of our personal lives. Some even stay a part of our lives as we move to a new duty station. But none other so impacted his life that the Marine’s words and actions echo in the halls of our home every day, as do Ergin’s. For a man to permeate lives so deeply, I can say for certain he was a force to be reckoned with, an example to be followed, a Marine to honor, and a man worth looking up to.

If you are interested in reading more, Ed Fitzgerald of The Macomb Daily wrote a wonderful article this week to celebrate Ergin’s birthday here:

The Macomb Daily: Today Marks the Birthday of a Fallen Hero


2 thoughts on “Family Fridays {5 August 2011}

    • (Sara is Ergin’s mother, for those who may read this, but don’t know the connection….)

      Sara, thank you for the appreciation, but YOU are the woman to be thanked. To raise such a good, selfless, honorable man is no small feat in this world. To selflessly watch him go off into combat time and time again, knowing all along that he may pay the ultimate sacrifice: that is something the people of this country needs to stand up and cheer for. On behalf of a grateful nation, the least I can do is share with others Ergin’s life – the little I knew of it, personally, and to watch his legacy live on in my own family, in our small way.

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