Project Gratitude:52

About a week ago, as I set about to organize myself in to a more specific blogging purpose, I came across something called Project Gratitude.  Just Google it – you’ll find it *everywhere* out there.  Essentially, once a week for an entire year, one writes/photographs something that one is thankful for.

Now, that seems fairly easy, doesn’t it? I mean, our lives are so full of richness and blessing and wonderfulness that thinking of ONE THING each week should be no big deal.  But, my guess is that some of the time I’ll be so weighed down and overwhelmed with smaller simpler things that don’t even really matter – things that I feel are missing from my life – and it will be difficult to come up with a really good post for this matter.

But, for the next year – my 35th year of life – I will be writing Thankful Thursdays (yes, it has to be Thursday, because that’s when Thanksgiving is, and Th and Th go so well together and I’m a geek like that … get over it). I don’t really know if I will focus more on writing or pictures, but I will be focusing on being thankful, instead of being overwhelmed with the small stuff.

And then … I shall dance.


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