Tremendous Tuesdays {2 August 2011}

Tremendous Tuesdays are my chance to share the things that are MOVING me this week – serious or ridiculous in your eyes, these things are giving me goosebumps.

Things that are giving me goosebumps this week:

My very dear friend, just became an E6 in the Army. Congrats to you, my dearest SSG Berlo! (The female version, that is!!)

I don’t care much for politics at all, but watching Gabrielle Giffords fight through and then return to the House floor is choking me up.

Waking this morning with the sudden need to create a card is the first time in a very long while I have felt the pull to create – and it is rejuvenating.

Watching my son rearrange his body inside of my own produced a moment last night in which all I could do was let tears fall down my face.  How did I rate, to receive this blessing so many times in my life?


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