Silent Sundays {31 July 2011}

{Silent Sundays are my opportunity to explore whatever has been laid on my heart, not necessarily fully-spiritual or doctrinally-sound.  But, the beauty of these musings is that God never requires us to have it all figured out before we come to him rejoicing or crying; just that we simply come with a heart full of quietness.}

Four years ago today I said “see you later” (for there are no goodbyes in this life) to my husband for the first time.  Today, I celebrate that moment.

It was a hard day on me. We had been married just 20 short days and I was new in the ways of the Corps. Thankfully, he had taught me quite a bit in the few months we had grown closer, but there were still all kinds of questions about how to utilize a power of attorney, how to read an LES, who I could and couldn’t trust, and much more.

The reason I celebrate is not because of all of those questions that lingered that day. Instead, it’s because of all of the successes that followed in the next 6.5 months, through a Special Operations deployment.  I made friends. I made a new town become “home”. I figured out quickly who to trust, and let go of the people I couldn’t. I received phone calls regarding deaths and injuries to our men, and cried uncontrollably for the fear of the unknown and the loss of friends. I figured out an LES, and then taught other wives. I remodeled portions of the house on my own, including doing some plumbing without flooding the kitchen.

I became a real live military wife. Because THAT is what it’s all about.

It’s about loving your husband, and watching your fingertips lose grasp on his and knowing it will be many months before you touch again – if you ever are so blessed in the future.

It’s about realizing every second of every day that the lack of communication, the unexpected knock on the door, and the news story could be all about his walking on – or it could mean nothing at all.

It’s about learning how to survive on your own, because all too often the local public will take advantage of you while he’s gone. It’s about learning that it’s cheaper to watch YouTube videos and read Google searches for do-it-yourself instructions instead of hiring it done.

It’s about learning that not all wives are trust-worthy, but a few very special ones become the ones you can actually cement your life on, because they will be there forever, no matter how many miles separate you after duty station moves.

And, it’s about remembering there is a Creator far more capable of organizing the chaos this world seems to orbit in, desiring to love me through the beauty of nature and still small whisperings, and overjoyed to bless my life in the form of friends, strength, patience, and undying love.

Four years ago today, I began to realize most of that for probably the first time ever in my life, and I am delighted that I went through such hardships – and will again! – to learn such valuable lessons. And further, to hold a hero in my arms as often as possible, thanking the Creator for His truly great gifts.


One thought on “Silent Sundays {31 July 2011}

  1. You sure are good with words, Megan!! Wow…this brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart. I look forward to each new entry on here. Hugs to you all.

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