An Unusual Gift

Ever been suddenly aware that you just received a wonderful gift, in the most unusual way possible?

That happened to me today, as my husband sent me a text that said he just had a heart attack.

Now, don’t get too excited. If it were a REAL heart attack, he wouldn’t have text messaged me. And, you wouldn’t be finding out via a blog entry, either.

His day started at zero-dark-thirty, and I’m not exaggerating – his alarm has been going off at 0330 for almost two weeks now. He started on his morning as the safety officer on a live fire range.  While working in the pits, he suddenly received a frantic message – “Go to the range house. Your wife has had an emergency.”

Imagine for a moment if you were him. I am at home with his young daughter and our expectant son. Which one of the three of us – or all of us?! – are in trouble? For a few minutes, his head was spinning, his heart was pounding, and he tried to make plans for what might be coming next.

As he arrived at the range house, he realized the message had been over-exaggerated, and wasn’t at all meant for him, anyway. But, for those brief few moments, the precious parts of life were endangered, and he had to pause to regroup.

Now, I’m not really wishing a “heart attack” on anyone.  But I’ve had those moments. When he’s not home from work two hours after I was expecting him. When I haven’t heard from him for two weeks while he’s in a combat zone and suddenly there’s a knock on my door. When something strikes my heart and head – whatever that some thing is – that tells me that one of my kids is in trouble.

It’s not fun to feel that rush, but the moment when you must suddenly come face to face with how much these precious creatures mean to you is an unusual gift that I am quite thankful for. Don’t let life wait for a true unfortunate moment to enjoy the blessings you have been granted.


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