{me @ day 14}

Day 14: my earliest memory

Given that I’m the girl that relies on my younger sister (14 months younger than me) to help me with most of my memories, this is quite an unfair question.  Honestly, a lot of my old memories are gone, specifically from the 10 years of my first marriage, and I’m sure there’s a great psychological reason for that.  All I know is that I usually have to ask Kelly.

I have a few memories from our farmhouse in Indiana, so I know those are the earliest – because it’s the first house I lived in.  I’m just not really sure how old I was when any of them happened.

A cow that had gotten out of the pasture was standing outside the dining room window.

The receiver of the door handle (you know, the female part, on the door jam… whatever it’s called!) in the dining room closet said Dexter.  I remember specifically hiding in this closet with Kelly when Erin was coming home or had just been born or something. Strangely – I can’t remember who was in charge of us at the moment and why we thought hiding was a great idea.

Singing to the cows in the pasture, while sitting on an overturned feed bin while banging a plastic rake on it along to the rhythm of my song.

That we had a poodle whose eye was literally “shot out” with a golf ball that went awry. That we had a strange fuzzy brownish/blackish dog that then had what I seem to remember being a litter of 18 puppies. And, that we had a gigantic lab named Mac, of whom I drew a picture for my grandmother one time – and she believed it to be a picture of a horse.


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