{me @ day 13}

Day 13: somewhere I’d like to move or visit

HAH! This one is EASY!  It’s a great little 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on 1.5 acres on a dirt road with pine trees surrounding it.  The negative side include large snakes and the positive: it’s ours.

It’s the house Chris and I fell in love in. It’s where we celebrated and grieved with Marines. It’s where we came home to after we were married and where we brought our first child home to. It’s where I survived 2 deployments, ridiculous neighbor escapades, and long sleepless nights. It’s where the stars shine brighter than any other place I’ve ever lived, full moons never looked so amazing while falling asleep on a trampoline, and a swimming pool in the middle of the yard has never been so inviting.

I want to move home.


2 thoughts on “{me @ day 13}

  1. LARGE SNAKES….Yikes!! That would be a big negative for me, but, I didn’t fall in love there, call it home after I was married, bring my first child home to, etc, etc. I hope you can go home one day soon! Also hope you can get rid of the snakes!!! LOL!! Love you guys!

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