{me @ day 9}

Day 9: what I hope my future will be like

We already did something like this, so I’m pretty unhappy that it’s appearing again, just a few short days later. But….

It’s the same as before. I really have no plans for the future. Sure, the dream of an alpaca farm with my best dear friend Emily and her amazing husband, my hero, and all of our children running around is something we talk about and hope for. (Em, I’m getting a peacock, dang it!) I’d really like to own an e-reader sooner rather than later. And, I’d give just about anything for a guarantee that I’m going to get to see fireworks on the back this 4th of July.  But, I really don’t know what my future looks like.

I’m hoping for some moment of happiness every day of my life. I’m hoping for a “big Greek family” as my son says.  You know, the kind where there are so many kids, grandkids, significant others, and dear friends running around that your head hurts from all of the noise, but you can’t think of a place you’d rather be? Yeah, that’s my dream. I hope (and pray) that my 3 oldest children will always know the special place they hold in my heart, even when I can’t hold them in my arms.  I hope for an end to the war and the (unlikely) dream that my husband will never find himself in a combat zone again. Or, at the very least, that he will find himself sleeping soundly every night that he is there.

I’m full of hopes, but I’m okay with unknowns.  I’ll figure it out as I go through life, moment by moment.


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