{me @ day 8}

Day 8: a moment I felt the most satisfied in my life

This is a recurring moment for me.  It’s when the house is lived-in but clean, the kid is content, there is quietness abounding, and I can rest my hand on top of my husband’s as we breathe a sigh of relief.

Or, when we’ve worked all Saturday long on our 1.5 acre yard, burning, raking, mowing, trimming, and then we stack the kindling for a bonfire that night.  The moment when we finally sit down together, side by side, and sigh in harmony.

Or, when we’ve had the entire troop together, have managed moments of great laughter, are filled from a good meal, and their sounds echo in the background, and together we smile with pure bliss.

In short, a moment that I can enjoy with my husband close enough to hear the sound of his breathing is a moment of great satisfaction in my life.


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