{me @ day 7}

Day 7: my zodiac sign and how it fits my personality

I had to look this one up. Apparently, I’m a Leo.  According to Wikipedia, (which is oh so reliable, but let’s be realistic – this whole zodiac thing doesn’t require amazingly intelligent research) a Leo is considered to be masculine and extroverted. Apparently, Leos are the strongest of the signs.

And, how does this all apply to me?

Okay, yeah – I’m fairly masculine, in a feminine sort of way.  I’m definitely a tomboy, prefer hanging with the guys, and would rather watch sports than do my hair and makeup.  Then again, give me an opportunity to put a dress on for a date night, and I’m in my glory. (Uhm. Well, I would be. Except date nights don’t exist in our life. But, it sounds nice.)

No, I’m not extroverted.  Being extroverted or introverted is about where one gets his energy from, and I get mine from being alone. I love being with a group of people, love taking care of them, love a night full of Marines and a bonfire, and a big loud family weekend is awesome.  But, when it’s all over, I don’t want to do it again. I want to sit down in my quietness and recoup. So, no – I’m NOT an extrovert, though I can do it for a while.

I am definitely one of the strongest women I know, so I’ll agree with that part. And, really, if you read my blog very often or know me at all, that statement doesn’t even require explanation, so I’ll just leave it at that.

I guess I’m 2/3 Leo, then?

Side note: Mr. Marine is a Virgo. Apparently this equals an “opposites attract” type of relationship. Apparently, Leos are most drawn to those Virgos born between September 13 and 22, and Mr. Marine fits into that time period.

So, maybe I’m 3/4 Leo, then. Whatever. Just celebrate with me on 12 August, okay?


One thought on “{me @ day 7}

  1. Hey, I am a Leo also. Was a tomboy growing up. Do not like to wear dresses but wearing one occasionally is fine. If I were meant to wear dresses all the time they wouldn’t have invented slacks or jeans for women!!
    I would love to celebrate with you Aug. 12th but know that won’t happen.
    Hope to see you in a couple weeks and we can celebrate then!!

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