{me @ day 6}

Day 6: 30 interesting facts about myself

1. I love orchids.

2. I would love to own a really big bird.

3. I’d take a peacock to keep on my farm, instead of the inside caged bird variety.

4. I test at the genius level, as far as IQs go.

5. Book smarts aside, I’m not a very intelligent person.

6. I love notebooks and pens.  They are my favorite type of gift.

7. Sunrises on the beach are absolutely re-creating for me.

8. Full moons remind me of a perfect night in North Carolina with my hero.

9. The coast of Ireland is one of my dream vacation destinations.

10. I could walk on the beach every day for the rest of my life and still not get enough of it.

11. I love refinishing/distressing furniture.

12. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, though it is lacking something monumental without a houseful.

13. One of my proudest moments of being a mother so far was switching to cloth diapers.

14. I refuse to go more than approximately 5 minutes without painted toenails.

15. The only part I miss about working full time outside of the home is the paycheck.

16. I’m probably the most annoyingly proud Marine Wife out there.

17. I love squirt cheese, bbq chips, and swiss cake rolls. Yes, all at one time.

18. One of my most treasured possessions is my Granddaddy’s teddy bear.

19. I love windows down, sun glaring, music blasting drives in the car.

20. I miss creating with my hands and hope to be back to it soon.

21. I love to cook. Turns out, I’m pretty good at it, too.

22. The times 7:11 and 19:11 haunt me almost every single day.

23. Eagles are a blessed reminder that I’m never going to be alone.

24. I believe strongly in walking out of a fire, only to walk right back in again, and come out carrying someone else the next time.

25. Bonfires are one of my favorite night time events.

26. I love holding hands with my husband.

27. Watching a man’s hand on the back of a woman’s neck will forever remind me of the way my dad used to lead me to a church pew on Sunday morning, before he was a pastor.

28. Besides my Marine husband, my father is the other hero in my life, because he stands up for what he believes in.

29. I love breakfast burritos, homemade iced caramel lattes, and nachos.

30. When given a choice, I will always choose country music.


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