{me @ day 4}

Day 4: my views on religion

On religion? I hate it. It is the reason I don’t walk into the doors of a church any more often than necessary these days.  It is often used as a social club, and not at all for the reasons the first church was commissioned.

On God? I like Him. He and I – we have some great conversations, some great arguments, some great moments, and some great struggles.  He speaks to me through wind on the beach, a sunset of quietness, and a full moon in a star-filled sky. I have learned two great truths in my struggles with this Creator: He is God indeed, and I am not. He gets the bigger picture – He creates it – and it is not my job to see it, to understand it, or to argue it.

Except… He can handle it when I DO argue.  Because there are no bigger shoulders than those of the Creator of the Universe. And sometimes in those times of argument – sometimes that is when I become stronger, understanding more of the great mysteries, and I am forever thankful for those struggles.




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