Experimental Life {Update 6}

First and foremost, there’s a heartbeat. I say that a bit sarcastically, as it’s the first time in the entire pregnancy someone remembered to actually check on the *baby*. A strong and steady 154, with a good kick at the doppler just to say hello.

The doctor is quite happy with my post-prandial (after meal) readings.  In fact, he’s surprised that I’ve been sticking this closely to a very strict diet.  I recently was made aware that most people have no idea what it’s like to eat this restricted, so let me put it in perspective.  The typical 2000 calorie diet consists of about 300 carbs per day.  I eat about 10-12% of that.  Low sugar recipes aren’t good enough; they must be VERY low carb. I mean, 15 grams of carbs or less.  Even a banana has about 45 grams of carbs in it, so that gives you a great idea of how much I have had to cut back here.

The good news is: it’s working. I’m staying within the guidelines for the most part.  The only number that is still giving me trouble is my fasting, which (of course) has nothing to do with my eating habits.  So, to help remedy that, we’re going to try two things: 1) instead of taking 2.5 g of Glyburide before bed, I’m now going to take 3.75 g and 2) I am going to carb load at night snack time, as well. This makes almost no sense to me, but it’s the way the body works with sugars. If I get my blood sugar up before I go to bed, it will come down more appropriately overnight, whereas if I continue on with only protein, it will stay at an even measure all night long, creating a fasting number that is too high.  As I’ve mentioned before, the problem with high fasting numbers is the risk of stillbirth.  So, you can see why I’m taking this one seriously.  And, carb-loading just gives me the opportunity to “splurge” a bit.  (Mom, now I can definitely eat that cherry cheesecake I requested!)

I’m going to email the doctor in two weeks to share my levels and see if he has any other changes to make at that time.  My next appointment with him will be 24 July.  I have to call to schedule the growth scan, but since I literally haven’t gained a pound in 15 weeks, at least we know this diabetic mommy isn’t throwing a big baby together (yet, anyway). The opposite is actually more the concern – if I don’t start putting SOME weight on soon, a more “typical” diet (along with insulin shots and a hospital stay) may be forced.  So, that growth scan is quite vital to the future of this pregnancy, obviously.

In other excellent news, our 3-D ultrasound is scheduled for 1800 on 29 June.  Anyone wanna take a guess as to the gender?


One thought on “Experimental Life {Update 6}

  1. Megan, when I was pregnant with the girls (TWO babies inside me), and I was automatically labeled with gest. diabetes due to my first pregnancy, I also struggled with my fasting numbers while my after-meal readings were normal. They did try me on insulin (before bed) for a short time, but then my fastings were WAY too low (like 39-50 range). I figured it out with diet, just like you’re doing 🙂

    But I wanted to tell you – even with TWO babies, I did not gain a pound until I was almost 20 weeks (my high risk specialist – who had warned me not to gain too much weight in the beginning – was starting to beg me to gain something!). I think I gained less than 25 lbs over all.

    I think you’re doing so incredibly well by this baby, and I’ll keep you all in my thoughts & prayers for a healthy happy baby after all of this!!! 🙂

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