{me @ day 1}

Day 1:  my current relationship

In about two weeks, I will celebrate my 4th wedding anniversary to Mr. Marine. He is, in a word, amazing. I am blessed to have a partner who can finish the thoughts in my head before they even make sense to me, a man who holds me and kisses my forehead even when my rantings make no sense to him, and a true American hero in my arms as often as possible.

I am just going to use the manner in which we will celebrate our anniversary to explain to you what amazing actually is.

The man gets about two weeks of leave a year, and the one week he gets this summer will be spent like this:  Driving a total of about 30 hours with a puppy, a 2 year old, a pregnant wife, and a sister-in-law (well, she’s only along for 1/2 of the driving), to stay at his in-laws for that week. Then, he’ll send me and the sister-in-law to drive another 11 hours to pick up three older kids, while he watches the puppy and the toddler and fends for himself.  We’ll spend the next several days meshing the kids’ lives with ours, reminding them of lessons we’ve taught previously but have been forgotten in our time apart, and loving on them as much as possible. For the first time ever, our parents will meet and spend the weekend together.  On Monday, 7/11/11, we will celebrate our 4th anniversary with nothing more than a kiss between us, and go on about our responsibilities.

Because that’s who he is and what he does. He keeps it all together, when he’d rather do nothing at all, just for once in  his life.  He’ll be concerned for my health, he’ll play nerf gun wars, and he’ll walk the puppy. He’ll laugh with family, hug his mother, and tickle the girls. He will show, by example, what a real man is, in every action. He will just be himself, and that is exactly completely and totally what I am thankful for.

ilu, cmm




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