Experimental Life {Update #4}

Well, I’ve flown through my first trimester.  As far as first trimesters go, it was easy.  I don’t have the nausea like most ladies do, thankfully.  The persistent exhaustion is a bit tricky, but I’ve done it with more things on my plate (and less help!) previously, so I can’t complain this time.  The biggest struggle was, as I wrote last time, the pregnancy cravings that simply can not be satisfied due to my gestational diabetes and paleo lifestyle.

Tomorrow I meet with a Maternal Fetal Specialist (MFS), which should be … interesting.  As I began on this experiment, I was under the impression that the “proper” guidelines for gestational diabetes readings were the same as they were when I was pregnant with Rhyan 3 years ago.  (Stupid me.)  So, I was doing just find in my post-meal readings, but my fasting numbers were high.  As I’ve discussed before, that was okay with me because my numbers were all in a good grouping, which meant my blood sugar was not roller coasting at all.  That made me very happy, in fact!

And then I got the “new” guidelines from the MFS office via email.  And they’ve dropped by nearly 20 points.  Instead of post-meal readings of no more than 140, they’re now supposed to be no higher than 120.  And fasting is now supposed to be 60-90.  If I got as low as 60 – and I have before, thanks to insulin shots! – you’d literally have to pick me up off of the floor and shove candy/juice into my mouth as quickly as possible.

I did finally get my fasting this morning to read 94! Don’t get too excited though – that’s because I ate too much no sugar added frozen yogurt too late last night, and then proceeded to watch my blood sugar sky rocket (to 155) and then fall overnight to 94 this morning.  That’s NOT good news in my book, no matter whether that’s what the doctor wants to see or not.  That’s me having chosen to take on a snack at the wrong time of the day, even when I knew better.

So, the goal tomorrow is to come out of the office still not on insulin, even though (at the very least) my fasting readings are not going to please the doctor.  And now, with these “new guidelines”, very few of my numbers fall into the “acceptable” range.

I’m still very happy with my lifestyle choice.  I have added a bit more dairy into the process because – well, because cheese makes me smile.  I’ve also treated myself to a piece of sugar free chocolate from time to time.  Neither of these options would be considered paleo, but I’m pregnant and cranky, so don’t argue with me, okay? I don’t need paleo police in my life. I’ve gained no weight so far, though by this time in previous pregnancies I would have put on at least 5 pounds, if not 10 already. (Gestational diabetes causes weight gain to increase, sadly.)  I feel *good* – I’m not run down by too much heavy food or starving constantly – I just feel right.

I will definitely write more after I get through the appointment tomorrow! Until then, thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


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