Experimental Life {Update 3}

Well, there’s good news and bad news. And, I guess I’ll start with the good news first. My blood sugar levels have all been well within an acceptable range, for the most part.  The only exception is my fasting number (the one I take as soon as I wake up), which continues to be slightly higher than “acceptable”. I believe that is because my diet mostly consists of protein, which alleviates the ups and downs of what a carbohydrate diet would provide.  Instead, my levels are always in the same range – never do I dip too low or raise too high.  To me, this is good news, though a medical professional may disagree with that, and I may find out as soon as today, when I receive a phone call from the Maternal Fetal Specialist.

The bad news is my emotional struggle currently.  Ladies, remember being pregnant? Remember wanting ice cream at 2 am, or a twinkie in the middle of the afternoon, or a cheeseburger immediately after finishing dinner? Yes, I have all of those – and stranger! – cravings, also.  But, following through on them literally endangers my life and the baby’s.  I have to deny every craving I have for the next 6 months. If you’ve never been pregnant, you may not understand how monumental that is, but trust me – it’s almost impossible.  So impossible, in fact, that my poor husband sees me in tears quite often.  I’m cranky, frustrated, and jealous.  This is an ongoing struggle, and if I’m not careful with how I manage it now, I may struggle with it for the rest of my life.

Please continue your prayers.  Discussing my situation with the Maternal Fetal Specialist this week has the possibility of putting me in the hospital, being forced into a diet change and insulin usage, and many frustrations ensuing.  I pray that I will be assigned to a specialist who listens to his/her patients and believes in individual care, rather than traditional care.  And, I pray that my attitude will change dramatically, and that my poor poor husband will survive :/


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