Experimental Life {Update 1}

I’m sure there are bound to be many of these between now and a-time-no-later-than-15-December-2011.  This is where I’ll write about my Paleo lifestyle, gestational diabetes, and pregnancy as a whole.  This 5th child – the final member to our basketball team – is proving already to be one of the trickiest creatures in the making yet.

Or, as I explained to someone earlier today, perhaps it’s that I’m much more aware of how my body functions and am okay with realizing we were all created as individuals.  This means that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” diagnosis nor treatments in the medical world, and doctors probably ought to figure this out sooner rather than later.  But, until they do, I’ll just fight the battle I need to fight on behalf of myself and my child.

I’ve already been told in this process, “If your pancreas was healthy, you wouldn’t have these issues.”  Well, I do understand that.  My pancreas proved to me about 13 years ago that it wasn’t healthy, and it’s only gone down hill since then. But, I’ve figured out a way to make it behave appropriately.  In feeding it appropriately, it behaves much better. That is, don’t ask my body to ingest 60% of its diet as carbohydrates – it results it many up and down sugar roller coasters and a severe dumping syndrome.  If, instead, carbs only make up about 10% of my diet (or less), I function as a “normal” healthy human being and actually enjoy life.

I know this because I’ve tested it. I’ve added carbs back into my life when I realized I was going to be diabetic (again) through a pregnancy, and it was ugly. UGLY. After 4 hours of less than 10% of my diet consisting of carbs, I feel MUCH better.  I actually have attempted to “cheat” twice by eating high carb items, and paid for it immediately.

Tomorrow I have to go take the 3 hour gestational diabetes oral test. First, I fast for 12 hours.  And then, I go to the lab.  They will draw some blood, give me 5 minutes to ingest 100 gm glucose solution (twice what women take at the 1 hour test), and then make me sit.  From there on, they will draw my blood 3 more times, once every hour.  What happens to my in that 3 hour period can be seen as a small piece of hell, I would assume.  I will become extremely shaky, I will most likely vomit and have excessive diarrhea, and then if I manage to get through all of it without passing out, I will be exhausted.

I’m not even remotely looking forward to this.  The only beauty to all of it is knowing that after those samples are run, they will officially diagnose me as diabetic and I can begin this path truly.  I plan on fighting for the ability to simply test my blood sugars for two weeks while eating on our Paleo lifestyle. Normally, a candidate like myself would be forced into insulin shots immediately, so this could possibly be a tough fight.

Please keep me – and the baby – in your prayers, especially tomorrow morning while we’re enduring this ugly test. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and prayers thus far!


2 thoughts on “Experimental Life {Update 1}

  1. I have never understood the rationalization behind pumping sugar into a pregnant woman’s body after starving herself for 12 hours…how is this healthy?? When I had my last 3 hour glucose testing with the last of our own basketball team..I raised this question to everyone that would listen in the lab and in my doctor’s office…no one had the same answer…so I ask again

    • I agree – it makes no sense at all. Especially when that woman has already provided you with proof of her horrible past, was only 1 point under proving she was diabetic a week ago, and has already asked for the ability to just check blood sugars. If I could just skip this test, I would feel SO much better about life. No one even cares about my logic so far, but I can guarantee you that even if I can’t convince them to listen, I will STILL be doing things my way, instead of the way they’re always done. I know what works for me – and what will work for this baby – and I WILL fight for it! (Even if I’m exhausted before July!)

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