Gestational Diabetes + Paleo = Experimental Life

For those of you who may have otherwise missed the announcement, I am expecting my fifth child. (Thanks, God, for your gifts, even when we think it’s a bit overly thoughtful of you! lol)  I am now 10 weeks into my pregnancy, and have already failed the first diabetic testing.  This is nothing new to me.  In all of my previous pregnancies, I have been diagnosed as diabetic and three out of the four described me as insulin dependent.  But, I didn’t stop there – I did the ever-changing insulin intake, because my readings continued to get worse throughout my pregnancies.  So, I’m a classic textbook case of gestationally diabetic, only I have no obvious risk factors, nor do I have much family history of it. (Actually, no diabetic history in the family members that “count”, according to my doctors.)

A few months ago, my husband and I radically changed our eating style.  There were a few driving factors involved in that decision, including other health issues I have, a need for my husband to make weight according to Marine Corps standards, but all in all, it amounted to us wanting to be much more health for the sake of our children and grandchildren. We drastically dropped our starch and grain intake, increased our protein and fat intake, cut out processed foods altogether, attempted to eat more organic foods, cut out most salt, and minimized dairy as well. Essentially, we began following a Paleo/Primal example.  And, immediately, we saw great results.  Our sleep cycles adjusted appropriately, our energy levels went through the roof, and on and on I could describe the great changes we saw.

What I did not see was any “yucky feelings”, which I generally have in life.  I don’t know how to explain this, but to say I previously became lethargic, exhausted, and crampy, at least once a week.  That disappeared.  I had no issues with irregular bowel movements – constipation or diarrhea – AT ALL. (Which is rather impressive coming from this woman who once thought Irritable Bowel Syndrome would be the thing that killed her.)

Now that you know all about my bathroom life…..

I failed the first glucose test.  REALLY failed it. My score was 199 mg/dL.  To give you an idea – if I had just scored 200, I could have skipped the second test altogether and been immediately diagnosed as diabetic.  My immediate reaction was disappointment.  I had massively changed my eating style, and still had failed it anyway.  All of this and I was massively ill during the hour I waited for my blood to be drawn (known as dumping syndrome).  So, FINE THEN! I give up! I’m eating my carbs!!  If I can’t be healthy on this lifestyle, I’m going to just eat the loaf of bread I’ve been missing!

So, I did. For a week. And for that week, I was ridiculously ill (again, dumping syndrome) constantly.  This equals eating, running to the bathroom, massive headaches, and then repeating. For an entire week. Until it finally hit me – my carb increase is what was causing the illness.

So, I’m going back to Paleo. Very strictly.  I WILL fail my next test ( 3 hour oral glucose test), but that’s to be expected.  I’m being forced to drink more nasty sugary crap in 5 minutes than I’ve eaten in the past month alone, and my body – especially my already unhealthy pancreas, as it’s proven to me on more than one occasion – has no ability to metabolize that much junk.  But, after I fail it, I’m going to demand a two week trial period during which I eat MY WAY and take my blood sugars.  If they’re good, then I’m going to refuse to go on insulin or change my diet at all.  If they’re bad, we’ll talk about more “traditional” practices (diet and insulin shots).

Here’s hoping the doctor will not argue with my experiment….


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