Memoirs {Spring 2011, Part 3}

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect spring day in Virginia Beach. We expected mostly sunny and 77, but instead we got “not a cloud in the sky” and 85! And … wind. But, it would NOT deter these children who rarely see an oceanfront from the afternoon plans. They waited patiently as patiently as they could for 1 o’clock to roll around, and we spent some time outdoors in the morning enjoying the beautiful day.

Noah & Rhyan love playing together.

Faith is constantly teaching Rhyan something.

Chloe is constantly being a girly girl


Rhyan took a short nap while the rest of us just relaxed and watched some (strange!) shows together.  The kids had to explain to me about kids who go to school on a cruise ship and Zeke and Luther who always seem to make them laugh and a variety of other shows I didn’t even know existed. (Rhyan still appeases my love of Winnie the Pooh for now.)

The definite highlight of the day was shortly after one when we all climbed in the car to head to the beach.  Here in Virginia Beach we have the option of going to “Chris’s beach” (behind the firing range he works on) or to “the city beach” (where the beautiful Virginia Beach boardwalk is).  The kids were very bummed out that we weren’t going to Chris’s beach, but they got over it fairly quickly as our car began the 2 mile eastward trek to what seems to little kids to be Mecca.

Okay, who am I kidding? It’s my place of worship, as well!

The wind was heavier than I had ever seen it before and we were literally sandblasted during most of our time there.  They were ALL troopers though and seemed to have a wonderful time in the sand and waves.

Faith went with me to pick up Chris while Noah stayed at the house in charge of the two youngest girls. He did a wonderful job, and Faith had a great time meeting a few Marines, seeing the students muddy and with face paint on, and I was proud to show off one beautiful angel. After dinner, we all walked to Target where Noah completed his Christmas shopping with Chris and the girls and I picked up some diapers for Rhyan. All in all, we just enjoyed a night of being a family together!


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