Memoirs {Spring 2011, part 1}

Memoir – April 1

Yesterday was a long journey: 752 miles reaching through 13 hours, beginning at 6 am and ending in the frozen tundra.  I did remember quite suddenly why I was happy to have left Michigan in late March – everything is still frozen, including the air that escapes my body while pumping gas. (And, I forgot my winter coat.) In the south, our flowers are abloom, the grass is green, and we have more “t-shirt days” than “it’s too cold, I’m going in! (while wearing said t-shirt)” days.

So, enough about the weather. I left my two year old for the first time ever yesterday morning. I mean, okay, that’s not exactly true. I’ve left her with a sitter long enough for me to go to the doctor, or out to dinner with the man, but not for anything of this magnitude yet.  Of course, she did just fine, except for being a bit cranky when Daddy got home.  But, he did what any good Marine father would do and began reading, “Killing Pablo” to her.  He got about 3 pages into it before she stopped listening, so he switched gears to the “Alexander” books she loves, and working on her ABCs. Aside from a few utterances of “Mommy” she seems to be managing.

Me – I’ll be just fine, after a good cry. (And a big hug from her.)

My night was a bit rough in a hotel I’m unfamiliar with, a bed that is very different from mine, and without my husband touching me. (Who knew that when married to a Grunt Marine you could actually get USED to them sleeping beside you?!) But, today I am off on an adventure, and thankful for the opportunity, so I will ignore the kinks in my neck and just drink some more coffee.

In just a few hours, I will be holding my oldest children again, for the first time in 7 months. SEVEN. MONTHS.


I am more excited than I can put into words. I can’t wait to see how tall Noah has grown, what Faith’s hair looks like now, and hear Chloe’s endless stream of jokes. I am excited for one on one time with each of them.  I am EVEN excited for 28 hours of car riding with all of them. (Yeah, you “normal” parents think I’ve lost my mind by now, but THIS is the stuff Moments are made of.)


A small note to my mother, who had the great misfortune to be an April Fool’s Baby: Happy Birthday. May your day be full of amazing small moments that make you stop and breathe in a breath of fresh air that comes straight from the Creator’s lips. May you be in awe of His mighty hand, His gentle spirit, and His perfect gifts. To me, you are far from a “Fool” for the lessons you have taught, the life you have modeled, and the love you have shown. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Memoirs {Spring 2011, part 1}

  1. Megan, I love you and wish you all the best – you I practiced on and I probably got a lot of it wrong, but it wasn’t for the lack of trying.

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