Christmas 2010

I’m not going to lie. Our Christmas got monumentally messed up this year, thanks to matters far beyond our control.  One day, we’re planning on driving more than 2,000 miles in less than 2 weeks, and the next, our car is refusing to cooperate. Thankfully, that issue didn’t happen in the snowy hills of West Virginia or the blowing cornfields of Indiana. It could have been *much* worse.

There are literally 2 presents under our tree, and they are both for our 2 year old daughter. I shipped a bunch of things out the beginning of this week as we began to accept the failing of our trip, but all in all, there just wasn’t much of that wrap-it-up-and-give-it kind of gift giving going on this year – or most years in this military life. But, my gifts don’t exist under the tree.

My gift lies in the touch of a hand on the small of my back, because it means he’s home.  For the second year in a row, nonetheless.  He is safe, he is happy, and he is my beloved. There are many servicemembers we know who are spending yet another Christmas away from their friends and family, and for them my heart breaks.  Sure, it’s just another day, you’re just doing your job, and it’s what you signed up for – I’ve heard all of that, and I’ve repeated it about a billion times, trying to convince myself it’s the truth.  But, the reality is, your sacrifice is big, I know it, and I love y’all for it. If I tried to list names, I’d forget at least 5 of you, so just accept my deepest thanks.

My gift lies in the word “Awesome” this year. My two year old has figured out how to say it and EVERYTHING is awesome. Last night, the beer bread was awesome.  And then, so were the scotcharoos. She’s pretty much overly excited about any little thing in life, and that is contagious.  I’m going to remember to keep looking for the “Awesome”-ness in life.

I am blessed with three other gifts from above. When I called to tell them about our car trouble and to cancel our visitation, they were immediately excited to start planning our next time together. Only KIDS can look at a bigger picture, get it, and move on quickly to the “good news”. They are amazing.

I know I already mentioned him once, but trust me – this man is worth mentioning several times. My husband is *amazing*. He is perfect for me in every way (and I’m not just saying that because he’ll read this). Babe, the way you were raised makes raising my children … less painful.  You keep me focused, love me in the sobbing hysterically moments, remind me to be who I am and all else falls into place, and constantly amaze me by your kindness and tenderness. I love you, more madly than I ever imagined possible, and am constantly blown away that the Creator thought I deserved such an amazing gift as I received in you.

Merry Christmas to all of you! To our families, we miss y’all and can’t wait to plan our next visit. To our fellow servicemembers, keep your chins up, your eyes low, and your head in the game. To all of you who impact our lives throughout the world, thank you for living life out with us. Our commitment is made easier because of the love and support you show.

-Chris, Megan, Rhyan, and the rest of the gang (in spirit)-


One thought on “Christmas 2010

  1. Thank you! Thank you for the reminder that while we are away from home, I still have my beloved by my side and that’s pretty “awesome”. Thank you for letting me spoil your kiddo this year 🙂 And I totally can’t wait until we can plan our next visit 🙂

    Love you!!!

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