9.14.78 {thankful}

Quite a long time ago Not too very long ago (I have been living longer), a baby boy was brought into this world.  I am thankful for this, for I would not have known true love without this event.

He lived a life that is considered by many “unusual”, growing up in several different homes. I am thankful for this, for he teaches me on a daily basis that children love their mother deeply, even if she isn’t there every day.

Life kept coming at him, until one day he found himself raising his right hand, taking an oath, and chanting “This is my rifle, this is my gun”. I am thankful for this, for I know the love of a true hero.

And then our worlds collided. And suddenly everything else stood still. I am *beyond* thankful for that moment in time in which we both realized – this is what life is.

Two deployments, multiple empty bed nights, learning the true meaning of being a team, holding on to hope when circumstances seem dim, and this is where I find myself.

On the eve of his birthday, we’re sitting around doing simply nothing. Laptops on the couch beside us, football on the television in front of us.  We’re down to practically no money until payday, so we had had this strange concoction for dinner. And then, two hours past her bedtime, the little one wakes up. She’s crying that cry that tells you even if nothing is really wrong, it isn’t going to be better until Mommy and Daddy fix it. I walk up the stairs, kinda dragging my feet and sighing, and pick her up from her room.

This is the part that will get most of you moms out there. She doesn’t want me.  I’m the one that literally has given up my every waking moment to care for her needs, and when she has another one at the end of the day – she reaches for Daddy.  Most of the time, that would irritate me to no end.  SNUGGLE time?! That’s barely even offered from a girl who is almost two years old.  And now that it is, she’s giving it to Daddy, instead of me?!

So, I did what every normal blogging photo-taking mother would do – I grabbed my iPhone/camera. This amazing Hipstamatic program I use does these great borders and photo effects and really all you have to do is shake your phone to randomize the effects that come up.  This picture was one of those random effects and I almost deleted it.  You can barely see his face, after all.

But, it captures the very thing that I love about my husband. He has taught me to alter my perspective. See the tattoos? They cover his entire body, except the few blank spots that he wish he could afford to ink, also. My favorite part about walking around with this big “bad ass” tattooed Marine is watching people watch him with his daughter, more sweet and loving and gentle than you can imagine.  It changes peoples’ perspectives immediately.

He’s helped me see things differently, through my children’s eyes. He’s helped me view the world differently.  He’s taught me about sacrifice, loyalty, love, and dancing like NO ONE is watching. (And he doesn’t care if you ARE watching – he’ll dance an Irish jig anyway.)

Christopher Michael, thank you for giving me the gift of joining your life with mine and for helping to give me a new perspective. {ilu}


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