Building Business Military Spouse Style!

“Military spouses and families no longer have to wait to bring their business and professional dreams to life!  Roxanne Reed, founder and CEO, of brands Jane Wayne Gear® and All Fired Up Candles® has taken her pioneering mentoring program, Building Business Military Spouse Style™ to a new level by co-founding the Military Spouse Business Foundation™.”

I am SUPER excited about the launch of this amazing foundation this morning! Roxanne Reed, Tammy Munson, and Rebecca Litton have been working night and day non-stop, and allowing me to help a bit, on Building Business Military Spouse Style!  You MUST check it out at

“Stop Dreaming; Start Doing!” This phrase greets you on the front page and that is exactly what the founders’ focus has been in planning this foundation. “Military Spouses are mobile, determined and know how to roll with the punches.  Learn to use these qualities to your advantage as a Military Spouse or when marketing to the military community.” Know a military spouse who would like to begin her own business? Suggest this site to her! The mentoring and educational assets are phenomenal with teachers of this caliber. Interested in sponsoring her training costs while she chases her dreams? Check out the “Every Penny Counts” Donate tab.

Roxanne, Tammy, and Rebecca, all military spouses with amazing business success stories in their own lives, combine to make Building Business Military Spouse Style the most exciting foundation I’ve ever seen launched! WAY TO GO, Ladies!!!


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