Super Excited …

I started writing this yesterday a bit accidentally, but seeing it in it’s very rough and unfinished form this morning reminded me to share what’s going on.  So, here it goes….

Three years and 2 months ago, I left Michigan. There’s a whole bunch of relational issues that go along with that, but on top of all that meant, I also walked away from the job I had known and loved for five years.  Not only did I know and love it, but my clients loved me, and I was *very* good at it. (Yes, I’m boasting. But, it’s truthful, so that’s okay right?)

For the first year after I left Michigan, I was able to work from my North Carolina home in the same capacity. Well, kinda. Bit by bit, my responsibilities changed hands to the assistant in the home office, and it slowly disappeared.  And then, with Michigan’s economy the way it is and Estate Planning essentially going down the tubes for the time being, I lost my position altogether a year later.

Now, when you’re a military wife, you don’t have many choices when it comes to your career. Well, unless you’re one of those women who flat out don’t care about her husband and goes on about her life as if he doesn’t exist. I, however, am not one of those. My husband is part of me, and without him, I’m pretty much worthless.  So, I started to look for positions in the great city of Jacksonville, NC (where we were then stationed).  The problem with Jville, as we call it, is that it’s a tiny tiny town which then had the great misfortune of some 50,000 Marines being stuffed into it.  The town is left reeling, not quietly so, and the last thing it can manage is employing some 50,000 Marine wives.

But, I interviewed. And interviewed. And was told time and time again that I was overly qualified. (Yea. Well. I didn’t set out to have 2 bachelor’s degrees and way too much training in the legal field so that I would end up in Podunk, USA, but God had a bigger plan for me, and who are you to tell me that I’m over qualified to work in this town? Ahem. Anyway…..) So, eventually I was offered a job at $7/hour. Seven. SEVEN. You read that correctly. Mind you, I made $26/hour before I left Michigan, and then the lowest I went from my home office was $14. And then there were seven measly dollars an hour.  And I took it.

And, long story short, he ended up firing me. Essentially, he wasn’t crazy about a) the fact that I was pregnant and b) the fact that I had called him out on some dishonest dealings and he fired me 89 days into employment, thus cutting me short of the necessary 90 days I had to work in NC to receive unemployment.

And then came the difficult pregnancy, the baby and then the deployment and then the move. Then I’m in Virginia Beach. On top of all of the difficulties that come along with getting a job knowing I’ll only be in this town for three years, there’s the smallest sized difficulty I haven’t even mentioned yet. It is hard to explain that it rips my heart out each and every day that I have three children that I do not get to take care of on a daily basis.  And, the thought of leaving another child in someone else’s arms so that I could go work….. Well, it’s unthinkable.

So, there I was minding my own business, reading some email, and BAM – my prayers were answered.  A woman I have recently met through some volunteer work I’ve been doing needed a Virtual Assistant, and she hired ME! I am amazed by all she has on her plate and am delighted to be working hand in hand with her and learning from her.

Sometimes things are too cool and “coincidental” to not share…. 😉


3 thoughts on “Super Excited …

  1. Megan, so happy for you. Hope this is all you want it to be. Keep me informed of what is going on with the new job. Love you guys bunches.

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