Noah, age 12

My son will turn 12 in just over a week.  Now, to me, turning 12 is monumental though I can’t put my finger on just why exactly.  Twelve was a big year in my life, and maybe that’s all it takes to believe that it will be big for someone else, also.

When it comes to my kids’ birthdays, while I’m excited for the joy they express towards the upcoming events, I’m always beyond bummed out that I’m not with them to celebrate.  (Uhm, not that I want an invitation to their father’s party. Trust me, that wouldn’t be pretty.)  So, I try to spend a good deal of time on their gifts and this year it only made sense to go intense on a card.

That being said, have you ever tried to create a card for a teenage boy? (And when did I become old enough to have a teenager?!) It’s definitely not the easiest project, but my son is a pretty easy going kid and will be more impressed that mom made him something than what he’s actually looking at, anyway.  So, for the boy who loves me even while realizing my faults, I spent 5 hours crafting today. I’ve taken these pictures before I’ve written my letter to him because, well … that’s just between us. (And his father, who won’t let him have anything without first inspecting it, as if I may have somehow laced it with arsenic or be trying to sway his young heart to satanic worship.)

Ahem. I digress.

This picture is simply to show (those who care) the difference between an inked (left) and un-inked page. USE INK!!! It adds a whole other dimension to your works.  Noah’s card is inked in a crazy way and it made all of the difference.

Noah’s favorite colors are blue and green (and have been since he was 3 when he proudly announced his favorite things were blue, green, Carly – a stuffed dog he still has, Grandma dates, and the jelly beans he had just been told not to eat). At any rate, I used those colors as my inspiration, because thinking of an actual subject matter for a young man’s card is nearly impossible, especially for this kid.

Noah is my Star, something I make sure to tell him often. He constantly amazes me. He’s caring and compassionate at all times, loves learning new things, and is just extremely intelligent. So, I had to include “Star” in the card.  The pocket that says “12” on it will eventually hold a gift card for him, as his favorite thing for holidays is to shop, rather than receive actual gifts. (And, every time I do send a gift, even if Noah loved it, his father makes sure to tell me the 101 ways it was the wrong thing to send. Like the Bionicles, or the picture of Chris in Afghanistan, or the art supplies. All, somehow, completely wrong … and yet Noah loved them.)

Ahem. I got off topic. Again. Anyway, Noah, my love – happy birthday.


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