Faith, age 9

My daughter will turn 9 on May 8.  Yes, my two oldest celebrate birthdays two days apart from each other.  (This often leaves the youngest feeling a bit out of place, but since she and I have birthdays one day apart, I can usually make it great fun for her, anyway.)  At any rate, Faith is my girly-girl.  If it screams pink, sparkly, cutesy, cuddly, she wants it and has to have it. I don’t do girly-girl well. At all. Consider my first two favorite toys were a ball and a dump truck, that I loved to sing to the cows, and that playing basketball and riding bikes on a Saturday afternoon were much preferred over my sisters’ please to play house or Barbies … you see what I mean. No girly-girl here.

But, Faith is, and so I set to work creating with her favorite colors and sparkles and cutesyness.

The cupcake is several different layers and the darker lines you see are all actually hand drawn. The dark brown strip is a sparkly ribbon. My favorite part is the “bite” out of the side of the card that just gives it some personality.

The tag holder on the left is where her gift card will go as well and the space on the right allows me to write her a private message.  The “9” is created out of glittery paper.  And, again, all of the dark brown lines throughout are hand drawn.

I love you, Faipher Mae.


2 thoughts on “Faith, age 9

  1. I love the cupcake card! I love all your things you make, but I especially enjoy reading the stories that go behind the making of each item. You have MANY gifts, Megan, and I’m so glad you’re sharing!! 🙂

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