I have been continually encouraged by those people who mean the most to me in two simple words: “Write More”.  I don’t always have earth-shattering moments of realization on my journey in life and so sometimes I feel like there’s nothing to write.  Today, there’s certainly nothing monumental on my mind … just me.  The me I’ve always been, the me I’ve become, the me I’m meant to be.

I love orchids. They are absolutely breath-taking in a “this flower was created for me” manner. Fragile, strong, and beautiful in unique colors.

Dogs will forever be my favorite pets, but there’s something amazingly satisfying to me about meandering through the aisles of the local pet store and dreaming of filling my house up with an aquarium full of fish, a guinea pig, a couple of birds, even a bearded dragon.  (Yes, I’m seriously considering the bearded dragon.)

I actually truly enjoy doing housework. Laundry is my all-time favorite because it feels as if it’s the most servant-based chore I can do for those I love.  All too often in my marriage to a deployable Marine, my clothes hamper has been much too empty. Having a basket full of under shirts, PT shorts, and brown socks seems as if a great blessing has been granted to me daily.

Some of my favorite moments are spent sitting outside of the baby gate that keeps Rhyan from escaping her safe zone while having “room time”. If I can sneak upstairs quietly enough, missing the squeaks that are chaotically placed throughout the stair case, I can sit out there for 10 minutes before she realizes she’s being watched. In those minutes I watch her learn and play on her own, and am absolutely overwhelmed by what a gift I have been given. She is a truly amazing Creation and I am blessed to have those Moments.

I have never been carried over the threshold, but recently my husband threw me over his back like a sack of potatoes and carried me through the front door.  All the while I was squealing and laughing, but when he set me down inside the house and joked he had finally done the honorable thing for his bride, I realized how absolutely amazingly perfect this man is for me.

I still love to have a blank piece of paper. A notebook can fill me with such joy that I yearn to start writing with my favorite ink pen immediately. A piece of 12×12 cardstock will have me instantly pondering what next thing I can create. Throughout, I am thankful for a gift of creativity and find myself yearning to give whatever comes to me to the next person I see walking down the sidewalk.

I’m contemplating having a yard sale in my front yard. Not because I have anything to sell, mind you – in fact, I would have a hard time coming up with much to place out there. But, it would cause a stir on the block and I might get to know more of my neighbors, and that subtle sense of loneliness that always exists for a military family may be put on a back burner, if only for a day. Maybe I’ll just grill in my front yard this weekend, rather than doing so in the back yard.

I am overwhelmed ABSOLUTELY EVERY DAY by who I am versus who I once was forced to be, and how much I just simply LIKE myself and my life. All of my children are a gift from above and I miss the oldest ones dearly, but I have constant memories flooding my mind, prayers escaping my lips, and excitement towards our next adventure running through my heart. My husband is nothing less than a true hero who not only puts his life on the line for this country, but also wraps his arms around me every night and keeps my “bad guys” away. I am afforded the ability to stay home and raise Rhyan as I constantly struggle with the thoughts of leaving her to be raised by someone else while there are already three out there without me every day.

I love candles, vacuum lines, my hands in warm dishwater, the smell of Old Spice, a day started with a good cup of coffee, the sun on my face, the wind in my hair, good loud country music, Facebook, a new book to read, a freshly made bed, a warm loaf of beer bread, tiny kisses that remind me of my value, a straight line, the realization that every day is a new day, filigree creations, chocolate, violin and piano music, and cows. Nothing very earth-shattering here, but it’s me.


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