Perspective is Everything

It amazes me how differently people see things. There are differences in food tastes, religious preferences, political viewpoints, even football calls. Truly, amazing. That’s true about every experience in life, though. I mean, really, even if you had lived the exact events of my life, you would still come to the point I am and see so many things differently.

Thus the title of this entry. I can tell you my viewpoint – I can tell you exactly what I experienced and exactly how it made me feel, but there are always two sides to every story. I can tell you about moments of abuse of all forms, about my healing journey (which is still full of ups and downs), about joyous moments, about tearful moments. The moments when I couldn’t find God anywhere near me, and the moments when I literally felt His hand on mine. The moments when friends became those I held on to for dear life and the moments when those same friends became the force that encouraged my further downfall. The moment I came to some of the greatest and most tragic realizations of my life. The moment when I saw a cow out the dining room, standing plain as day in my front yard, and then a different moment that found me singing directly to that same cow.

Life is full of moments. Perspective is everything on those moments.  God never disappeared; I became blind. The “friends” may not have realized how their actions and words affected me – to them, it was a whole different story. The cow, however, was definitely present at both events and my mom can confirm that.

One portion of my life-long journey has led me to be more aware of the perspectives around me. I may not agree with bowing to the east five times a day, but I can appreciate the devotion that requires. I may not be able to pull a trigger myself, but my last breath will be thanking “my boys” who were able to do so for my freedoms in this country.

You may have a hard time swallowing actions other people take. They may be making all types of decisions you don’t agree with. Disagree with them. But, do so quietly. In the toughest moments of life, your perspective is not necessarily all-knowing, nor is it helpful.  Offer arms of love, moments of  compassion, listening ears, and agree to disagree. I can assure you their tough decisions are harder on them than they are on you. It’s all about perspective – you never know what you would do in the same situation if you had to walk a mile in their shoes.


One thought on “Perspective is Everything

  1. I so agree with you Megan, people so many times find it so easy to judge you and say if it was me I never would have made the decision that you made. They have no idea what they would do until they are faced with the exact same situation in their own life.

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