The problem with being me in this medium is that there are so many of you from my “previous world”.  Because of that problem, I have been very careful about discussing the most difficult corners of my life. Actually, I’ve pretty much avoided those topics – and that is exactly why I write very little.  I yearn – nay, I *need* – to write my way through this journey. So, from here on out, consider yourself warned. Read at your own risk. Be prepared to be offended. You may not like how things affect me, how I view my journey, how I view the actions of others. I’m just saying: you’ve been warned.  I don’t really need your lectures, your lessons on the other side’s view, your views on why my thoughts on God are askew.  This is my place to work it all out, to share with others what it’s like to be on my side of this journey, to maybe open others’ eyes. Maybe, just maybe, you might learn a little bit from my journey, too.


One thought on “{Disclaimer}

  1. I totally know that feeling, of feeling like you need to work stuff out in writing, need to post it on your blog for others to consider, and yet don’t want to offend, and certainly don’t want the lectures of those who think they know. That’s difficult. Stay on your journey, Megan. You must learn from all that has happened, and you will learn a great deal more from your reflections and the guidance of those who genuinely love you than from those who simply want you to live in a way they agree with.

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