words from a {heaven-sent} friend

I am contemplating going back to school. Thanks to the (amazing) Post-9/11 GI Bill, I can complete a masters degree for practically no cost – monetarily, at any rate. This is so important to me, because I desire to support my husband post-retirement as he will support Rhyan, me, and 3 other gifts from above, while he is Active Duty. I’m about 93% positive I’m going to pursue a masters degree in counseling. Today my Facebook status was simply “…coffee…” and a dear (old … though, that is not to say that HE is old!) friend commented on my status, which made me feel comfortable enough to write to him regarding his own educational pursuits and career. Blah, blah, blah – not much of this matters, except it is background to the real portion of what gave me such an amazing place of Grace today.

My dear friend knew me in my “previous life”. Our lives shared the same path of ministry and his wife was my amazing cheerleader. There are those you “leave behind”, having never wanted to leave them behind, and this is a true example of that. I shy away from those I loved in my past because I know there is so much unspoken, so many questions, so much hurt. *I* have grown and come to an amazing place in my own life – and continue to do so on a daily basis – but I am fearful often that reconnecting will only bring more hurt into their lives.  I offered to answer any questions he might have, and he simply said he had none, followed by these words:

“The fact is, you are where you are, and what happened, happened, with all it’s confusion, and pain, and anger, and frustration. It’s in the past. But spread before you is the eternal NOW. That is where you live, and it’s the only place you CAN live.”

Two thoughts… Grace is a gift given freely from the Father above, but that we as Humans cling tightly to on a daily basis. Given more freely, it becomes a healing balm for the weary, the downtrodden, the lonely. And, Grace is nothing without words. A few short sentences likely will break a path of destruction or loneliness and remind one that God is ever present and there are still those who seek to do His will.

(And now, suddenly, I feel a bit like Rafiki chanting, “The past is in the past!”)


3 thoughts on “words from a {heaven-sent} friend

  1. Megan,
    Your friend is so very wise and thank God for friends like that. I don’t think I truly understood God’s grace until I went through my divorce and the ridicule that went with it. I didn’t have a friend that said what your friend did but there were a select few that didn’t judge me and loved me with the love of the Lord which was what I needed. They were the ones that taught me about God’s grace. I am so glad that you are going to be able to pursue your masters degree and in counseling. You will be able to help so many because of the trials and hurt you have been through yourself. Recently my sister has been going through a divorce (unfortunately she stood in judgement of me when I went through my divorce) but because of what I went through I have been able to be there for her and we have mended the hurts from the past for which I am so thankful!!!
    You have an awesome gift with the written word I have a feeling that writing a book is in your future. One of my desires is to help pastors and wives to somehow help what happened to you and I not happen to them. Hey maybe we could co-author it. lol

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